How ‘2.0’ are you really?

What comes first for you, food first or Morality? (‘Fressen’ oder ‘Moral’), or shall we start filling each other’s pockets?

We’ve read often enough that you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to really change. We read that a new era has emerged, in which we will be sharing, and where transparency is key. We are, supposedly, no longer trying to fight over small, insignificant things. We are, so we read, showing leadership and are taking responsibility, and we are only doing good things for the planet. Yes, that much we know or read.

In the long winter evenings you may have time you probably have some more time to reflect upon these matters. My question is: do you?

Question. Why are we seeing more and more tribes coming into being? Closed clubs, clans, where the members are looking after one another: they promote each other’s reputation; they share, but only with each other, rather than with the non-members; and they strategically ignore the rest of the world.

A couple of observations:
-Why would the Times not enforce the articles in the Guardian? Wouldn’t that be beneficial for the reader. Why doesn’t the New York Times and the Huffington Post share articles?
– Why does every university need its own separate IT services, student-follow systems, financial admin and so on, while they all should do exactly the same?
– Why are doctors told by their management that they should not share their “company’s” secrets during medical conferences and seminars in order to protect the competitiveness of the hospital? Is that what we want?
– Why do ministeries, those places where the civil servants work, seldom cooperate?
– Why is there so little cooperation between enterprises, when the advantages are so crystal clear?

Why aren’t the IT companies together ensuring that we have an internet safe from hackers?

Is our need for personal identity and recognition that strong?
I’m starting to see a pattern develop where those who are talking about transparency, are the exactly ones that are not themselves transparent. Scratch card behaviour. Please don’t go there.

In one of my earlier blogs I wrote that he who owns the channel has the power”. Shall we make Europe just that little bit nicer and start filling each other’s pockets?
I think that this choice, food or morality, might be the trend of the next three years. Will we choose ‘Fressen or Moral’? How can we ensure that we are less selfish, without the market pushing us back into our old habit of ‘Fressen’? We know it: sharing makes more people happier. Multiplying that would be the logical consequence, wouldn’t it?

We now have the historic opportunity to make something very beautiful out of our world: ‘2.0’. We have the chance to use all our talents and to be seen and acknowledged for them. It’s about time that we stop writing about it and start acting: the survival of the Kindest.
That means chossing to do it together: from survival of the fittest to survival of the most cooperative.

Now we have the opportunity to really create a compassionate sharing society together. How ‘2.0’ do you dare to be?

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