Internet and (Well)Being

Internet and (Well) Being


Each day is a new life. Seize it. Live it.- David G. Powers

The term digital well-being is obviously nonsense. You can ‘do wel’l in or through Internet, but  well-being is  actually an analogue experience. On the other hand, we can’t deny the huge impact of the Internet on human well-being in general.   We will take a closer look at this phenomenon here and raise the question in this context.

Psychologist Martin Seligman, the inventor of  positive psychology, has focused in his research on 5 factors contributing to our well-being:

–          Positive emotions

–          Engagement

–          Relationships

–          Meaning

–          Accomplishment

Which of these factors have a link to the Internet and how? Asking the right question, as you might know, means answering it.

Because Internet  opens endless possibilities to influence our well-being, it can go either way. Isolation, exclusion, harassment and the pillory  are a part of our reality today. Internet illustrates the complete Maslow Pyramid, from safety and security up to the self actualization.

Actually nothing new so far. Your “analogue” house party has also two sides: Internet and the party are a social medium and a bottomless source of opportunities where sometimes the sun shines through the rain.

The core question is: what choices are you about to make in your life?

Virtual  fosters Physical. As you might have seen: your virtual choices determine to a large extent your life in the real world.

Do you know the formula below? This illustrates the first law by Peter van den Heuvel:

I        =     We           Being one for you and me means being one for us as well.

You           1

Lots of success and fun together!


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