The New Way of Working as a new world of working…

The New Way of Working as a new world of working…

and key factor to more collaboration and business success



Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change- J.Rohn

Internet induces fundamental  transformations in traditional business, shifts existing business models and changes the  way the companies operate today. Nobody is going to deny this fact. Customers are searching for suppliers instead of other way round. Employees become entrepreneurs operating as a member of bottom–up “self-assembled teaming” creating the organizational operational power  Collaboration is the magic word and the key to success; “from survival of the fittest to the survival of the most cooperative ones” is becoming reality.

Internet turns companies upside-down and inside-out. Customers first.It takes time to get used to that!

I am convinced that you, as entrepreneur, need to be aware of these changes. You must be up-to-date about what is really going on around you. How would you implement for instance IT solutions to increase your business through  the New Working concept on the other hand and still remain  “lean & meaningful “? How do you avoid ” human farming’ on the other hand?

Do you have best practices and experiences with expanding your business capabilities with the New Working concept? Please share? Let me know in your comments!





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