Creating or reacting? (2007)

Creating or reacting? (2007)

Individual choice or necessity of decision making…


“What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.” – Buddha

An enormous amount of available information and contact opportunities on the Internet  requests us to take action and to make a decision  on what we would like to be and what our values are. Internet 1.0 has been seen as a huge database with Google as a market hit. However, in the semantic web interaction is taking over the leading role.

Internet enables us to become either creative or reactive. In both cases the web organizes ‘collective knowledge’. Internet offers us plenty of reactive possibilities, which can be seen in every day life.

Internet triggers a reactive work- and life administrator’s attitude  within us. This administrator is trying to capture and keep the information, is afraid of missing or losing anything. Internet offers us plenty’s of reactive possibilities and it can be seen in every day’s life. This reactive behavior attitude makes you live from  outside-in.

For organizations  this reactive attitude translates into finding and following “best practices and trying to become future proof based on  experiences from the past  using scientific approaches.

On  the other hand Internet triggers  a creative part in us. It is getting easier to find each other and to make a common dream true. This is the world of living inside-out   build communities to do so and to create together something beautiful and meaningful.

All these changes and opportunities are transforming our time into the turning point for personal and professional choice!

Are you going to create or to react ? Whatever your choice is going to be, I wish you lots of success!

Don’t wait for your  life. Shape it !

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