Do not limit your challenges; challenge your limits… Ch. G. Thomas


Have you ever asked yourself : What entrepreneurship is all about ?  “Just do it” and start a new adventure of your life, it says more than thousand words.. Don’t wait for your life… shape it ! Below are some thoughts and ideas on the topic  I would like to share here .

Entrepreneurship needs  basically three things : willingness and capability  to act and the ability to put  ideas into  certain  concepts. Connect your streamlined vision with your operational capabilities. Dreams, thoughts, courage and vigor result  as a rule  in more  “fun, money and prestige’.

Entrepreneurship involves however also communication.  Social media increase the importance of this factor. Timelines are getting shorter and the window of opportunity more critical. If your customer doesn’t know you (who is not seen is off)  or doesn’t see the new value of you, your dream might rather become a nightmare. A kind of race to the bottom.

Invest your time, energy and talent into your dream. If your actions will be separated from  your dream you might be running out of breath pretty  soon.  There will be no satisfaction from what you are doing. You are likely to become a slave of the everyday’s activities, and the passion  evaporates like a cloud. Don’t be a copy,  remain the one and only. An orginal. Be  faithful to yourself and  keep away from  falsehood.

Your customers can feel  this, appreciate it and estimate you  as trustworthy business partner. Customers and investors  are mainly interested in your answers on the following three questions, I have learned from my own experience. The first question  is : does the entrepreneur understand what he wants? The second one: Is he capable of doing that? And the third one: is this business scalable?  Just after three positive answers the conversation on business logic and  further on your business case  might get  started.

What  about yourself? Do you believe in your ability to score  three “Yes” as answers?

Keep asking questions , listen carefully and don’t presume anything. Be open for ideas  and opinions from  outside but  remain at the same time on your own path.  Avoid  tunnel vision by changing the perspectives. Re-stand  to understand and dare to have different views and perspectives . Without re-standing you might discover yourself being back into you own dark tunnel.

Estimate the value of your own talent. Be aware of your strengths and challenge your  limits.  Have courage to learn and to teach at the same time to maintain progress.


Run your own race!   Ready, steady, go !



  1. Frank Willems May 5, 2012 5:39 pm  Reply

    As clear as simple to express this Frans! And in this way leadership will be close to entrepeneurship. What is it that most people are afraid of to do not follow these clear instructions? To be authentic, real and listen to their own mind and heart? If you have experienced this, you will know and feel better.

    • Frans van der Reep May 5, 2012 7:56 pm  Reply

      Fear is a strang emotion…. it blocks you.
      Being courageous doen’t mean you do not fear. It means that, despite fear, one acts.

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