Business in the boardroom

Business in the boardroom

Communication works for those who work at it- J. Powell


What boardrooms normally do  is to  connect strategy, entrepreneurship and operational capabilities of a particular company into one focused stream. This triple perspective needs firstly to be internally in balance  and, secondly,  to match  with the various wishes and interests of  the stakeholders involved. Apart from this, don’t forget to put this triple balancing exercise  into a dynamic context of the market environment.  And all the guidelines for the processes, mentioned above,  have to be set up in the boardroom!

Those  wishes and  interests are in fact negotiation topics between the seller  and  you. Being the seller means taking into consideration the multiplicity of the interests and considerations  of your company with the needs of your company  at the centre of seller’s  approach.

Whatever the main topic of your negotiation might be, it is all about communication, the internal or external one, between the seller and the buyer. Communication with trust as a key success factor. Without trust no communication.

Only through our mutual commitment  to achieve fair connection- whatever role you might play  –customer or seller-  we can add  value to our collaboration and enjoy the growing speed of trust.

The first step to value creation is communication. From survival of the fittest to survival of the most cooperative ones.   And this meeting takes place  in the boardroom.

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