Internet and the way of Buddha….

Internet and the way of Buddha….(2008)

A journey or a guided tour ?   With YOU as a driver or as an passenger ?

Always keep on moving forward…… Buddha

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Internet causes radical changes within business life, institutions, politics and at your home.  Business but also traditional roles are being changed:  B2C becomes C2B, demand control, customers searching for suppliers. Don’t underestimate  the competitor who is one mouse click ahead. Traditions are evaporating:  you simply again need to be good at  what you are doing. Authenticity and  credibility are more important than ever before, intelligence and flexible cooperating forms replace the familiar centralized coordination system. Radical changes accelerated by web and “social developments”  are penetrating  corporate,  private life and the society as a whole . The most  fascinating is that Internet was in 2012 just  6000 days old. Hence all the huge changes have taken place within the time. And changes to come in the next  6000 days will have even more impact.

Are the changes going to be experienced by us  as a flood wave ? Or are we going to do wave surfing being able to determine our own course? Is your choice  to be  more reactive or more creative in this turbulent digital age?

In the digital age it’s getting much easier and cheaper to create new networks through  different business disciplines,  to start  initiatives from a new point of view or within a broader context  inspired  by  environment and in connection with it. Internet  provides a sort of collective intelligence around  certain subjects within corporate life.  You have choices between  creation and reaction, blue or red ocean. And these choices let me always think back of the ship in the harbor. A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for . The ship is built to sail.

Are you maybe an example of such an entrepreneur full of  ambitions for  the future, we all desire for? Do  you dare?

The “social company” has this presencing- ability to see the things in a broader perspective- deeply in its DNA. This requires  task mature employees, who project  their activities into a wider context and take responsibilities required.  No matter what kind of activities you are involved in:  business, politics or volunteering. It’s  everywhere the same.  Let life be a journey instead a guided tour. Be yourself and kickstart the world. Take responsibility for who you are  and what  you deep inside want to be. This is the core issue and the digital world  forces you more or less to take decision on that topic.

Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.  This is the way of Buddha.  And if you have a close look from deep inside: don’t you feel like I do a gentle desire for  a personal and meaningful future to come?

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  1. Maureen Sullivan June 8, 2012 2:29 pm  Reply

    Thank you for these affirming thoughts. I know many people, including myself, are frightened, but we also know that this transformation can be, will be, beautiful, like your ship that is meant to sail.


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