A big follower or a convincing leader ? (2012)

A big follower or a convincing  leader ?

Make your life a mission – not an intermission” ~ Unknown

‘Change’ is in. And rightly so. Change is very important to stay as an entrepreneur updated  and interesting  for  your customers in this dynamic world. Without continuous learning you stop to  understand  the changing world around you and in worst cases  it can even cost your customers. But change is also life philosophy: if you think you have arrived you stop travelling.  Many companies  keep falling into this complacency  trap. Radical changes always require personal stance.  In any place where dynamic and radical changes  are taking place and where a huge demand for learning arises, debates on norms and values normally arise. Just look around! There are lots of books and courses available on personal development and passion-based learning.

We can clearly see integrity as a rizing business related topic. And this is no coincidence. Why? Big change puts you back to your roots and urges you on  to take decisions on the following topics: what do I do it for? What do I want? What not? Where do I go to? Where do I stand for? There is a beautiful expression in English for this situation : defining moment.

The expansion of social media within business area belongs of course to such huge changes. In the stream of all changes and developments around us it is crucial to be aware of your own personal norms and values, which are not discussable under any circumstances and which form the basis of your everyday’s life and work. From this referencing point we make our choices: what do I want and what not?  These values form actually  the real basis for our communication and  collaboration. They function as  a sort of anchor (no grow without roots) and  determine our personal integrity. Change and entrepreneurship without connection to your personal values turn  you into a follower, a  beach ball in the wind.

Don’t go there.

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