Scratch Card Behaviour, Please Don’t Go There (2011)

Scratch Card Behaviour

You’re at a drinks event and someone comes up to speak to you, whilst it’s clear that he/she is already focused on the next person – says hello but the eyes are on the bigger prey. Irritating isn’t it? Familiar?

I call that ” scratch card” behaviour – scratching you (the card) to see whether you’re a social prize, what you’re “worth”. Or using you as a step towards the one they really want, after which you can be torn up and thrown away.
We’re not talking here about the behaviour of the host or hostess who circulates among the guests to ensure everyone is happy. That is a different motivation. A lot of networking takes place in the world of social media, both on and offline. Lots of “drinks” and lots of opportunities for this sort of disrespectful behaviour, not really reflecting personal integrity.  Don’t go there. Integrity  should apparently be reserved for business dealings as well.
Do unto others as you would be done to. Don’t indulge in scratch card behaviour, even if you see others around you doing it. I regard this behaviour as outside the acceptable rules of social behaviour – a foul. And you know, if you do indulge in it, you can be sure the other party is going to remember it for years after. Lack of respect for others drags you down to levels where you don’t want to be.
Competition 1.0 is “to win is to lose” and it’s also “old” behaviour. If you do it, you’re clearly not ready for business 2.0.  Competition 2.0 is “to share is to gain”. I’m sure business 2.0 favours respect behaviour!

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